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Building a Wireless Receiver for Xbox 360 Controllers From a Broken Xbox 360 Console

I’ve accomplished this little project back in 2016 when I had two Xbox 360 wireless controllers and a huge desire to use them with a PC. To do so, you have to have a wireless receiver, and there were 2 mainstream options on the market:

  • a genuine one - the best option, but costs around $60;
  • an unofficial replica - can be found for $10-15, but reliability and driver support were quite questionable.

At that moment, I was short of money to get the first one and didn’t want to try luck with the second. Fortunately, if you dive a bit deeper into the topic and doesn’t afraid to do some soldering, there’s a third option - using an RF module from a broken Xbox 360 (later in the text I’ll refer to it just as “RF module”).